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August 31, 2012


Aloha Blake Shiigi,


Following up our conversation earlier this week. This is the information you requested. On Aug. 23rd, my grandson and his friends, at the Kihei Charter School, were complaining about sugar cane smoke on Facebook. For example "Eww ash falling from the sky everyday we go to school now yuck who agrees?" and "Kids can Change this. Call the mayor and complain daily."


They posted this photo:




I have also complained in editorials in Maui News and other media about the major health dangers, environment dangers, and the general decrease in our quality of life caused by sugar cane burning. Now our children are crying out for help. Our children see their environment being polluted and their health threatened.


Is the monetary profit of the sugar company really more important than the quality of life of Maui’s children? They should complain. Let the children lead us.


Thank you for your interest and request,


                                                                                    Mary Overbay


                                                                                    Puunene, HI   96784



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